DIY posters within the punk scene were mainly used to advertise gigs and events or for the promotion of fanzines. As the punk scene became more active, the number of music performances and punk bands also increased, and these first examples of posters began to appear on street walls. The posters were produced using affordable or DIY techniques and materials and they were often published in limited numbers. The ones presented here, and stored chronologically, are among the rarest examples which survive to date. For each document presented in this collection, the type of event it relates to (i.e. if what the poster promoted was a gig, a radio program, the release of a fanzine, a music band, etc.) is referenced, along with the place where it was released, the format and the year to which it refers. Alongside their graphic approach, which became an essential part of the punk visual language, these posters provide context-specific features which link them to the time and place of their publication. Thus, they represent an invaluable trace of the informal geographies of the punk scene in Turkey.

Hong Kong Virus

Radical Noise, Crunch, Necrosis


Her fanzin düzene atılacak bir tokattır


Rashit, Tampon



Rashit, Crunch

Medya Tavırs


Yurttan Sesler